Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neighbor: Visualingual

I usually don't do this, mainly because there are so many great Cincinnati blogs out there already (that I read daily) and focusing attention on just one seems unfair... but... this one has just the right mix of inspirational assets for me to keep reading, keep flipping through the archives, keep wanting more...
it's Maya Drozdz's Visualingual.

Perspectives of Cincinnati public art, from the blog Visualingual.
Ghettopia, Floral Carpet, and the Stanczak Installation.

I'm not sure why I haven't run across it before, since I've had Michael Stout's justforview on my blogroll for some time now - little did I know that he was in cahoots with Maya, forming an interesting all-media design studio, VisuaLingual. As with Mike's, it seems that Maya's blog is a satellite (personal extension) of the interesting material that's being produced at their work site (indicated by the case-changes of the L).

While I have a lot of interests, my ears always perk up when hearing about anything related to construction, architecture, transportation, history, or infographics, and when these issues cross hairs with aspects of Cincinnati, the respective site is almost always guaranteed of increasing its readership. So, as noted in her 'About' section, it's no surprise that I found Maya's site attractive:
My interests include urban life, visual culture, typography, cartography, architecture, interior design, and home decor, and this blog focuses primarily on points of intersection among those areas.

Interesting world art, from the blog Visualingual.Milk Bottles, With Fences, City Plates, and the Cincinnati Gardens.

As much as I love the blogs dedicated to the area's social perspectives, construction efforts, political sparklines, daily events, and personal meanderings, sometimes just trolling down creative avenues is a nice change of pace - especially with the interesting, abstract viewpoints that Maya affords.

Views of OTR Cincinnati, from the blog Visualingual.
Ghost sign, 20-cent payphone, Smitty's, and Twilight.

I'm missing a lot of interesting visuals in this post (such as her textile finds, other artwork, and repetitive postcard-like photos, etc.), so check out Maya's site on your own for more info. Expand your periphery, and support local business - frequent Visualingual and VisuaLingual.

• I think Mike's blog, justforview, requires secondary props here, due to the fact that he's also what makes the studio VisuaLingual tick. He's also switched to a different template, making it much easier on the eyes to read. Check it out.

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