Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cincinnati Kid

Driving to work this morning, the news on WVXU (91.7 FM) played an interesting ad for the nationally syndicated show, This American Life - looks like Springer will be a topic of conversation (which shed him in Kennedy's light as a politician - in the ad, at least).

Jerry Springer gesticulating.Source: Michael E. Keating (via this Enquirer article).

Ira Glass hosts the new episode, "Leaving the Fold" (airing on WVXU, Sunday, April 13th), which discusses "stories of people leaving the situation they're used to - and striking off for something less familiar." The topic of Jerry comes early, in the section titled, "I've Got a Secret I've Been Hiding From You":

This American Life producer Alex Blumberg tells the true story of Jerry Springer's life before he was a talk show host. It's the story of an idealistic and serious Jerry Springer, a progressive politician, and the most popular mayor ever of a certain American city. (31min)

This American Life airs Sundays @ 4pm on WVXU
(I listen to it on iTunes) - one of my favorite pastimes, which got me revved up hearing about another notable Cincinnatian in the national spotlight. Also, I'm sure you're aware of the TV show, his past radio show, and the movie, but an opera?.. info here.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting This American Life, but not always close to a radio on Sundays. I will be listening today though--I'm interested to hear what Mr. Springer has to say. He was an inspiring politician and have always thought his decision to leave politics was a loss. I knew him peripherally during my college years when I waitressed at a couple of places downtown. I had always suspected he'd made some missteps with the higher-ups in the Democratic Party because of snippets of conversations here and there.
Anyway..very interesting site you have--I saw your comment on CityKin and was interested because of your blog title. Some days, make that weeks, I don't get away from Clifton or hospital scenery so I really appreciate other perspectives.
PS. You know some folks call the large concrete statue on I-75 "Big Scary Jesus."