Friday, May 29, 2009

Rebuilding Cincinnati, One Brick at a Time

Like Mark & Mike, Maya, and many others, I'm a huge fan of LEGOs, and always will be - I still occasionally snag a new set, and my wife usually has to pry my hands from the kid's section whenever we go to Target.  Thus, I nearly jumped out of my chair upon reading today's post on Accidental Mysteries: 

Imagine the possibilities for OTR!
Via Accidental Mysteries & Jan Vormann.
Also check out Visualingual's earlier post on the subject.

The rebirth of Cincinnati's "skyline" could now become a full-scale reality...

LEGO Skyline.
Via Citykin & Visualingual.
...built from bricks from our very own LEGO branch:

The new Cincinnati LEGO Store.
Scooped by a great post at Citykin.

 It's obvious that this infatuation with Automatic Binding Bricks will not soon die - internationally or locally. Is this due to tangible characteristics held solely by the brand, our inherent constructivist nature, or something else? Any way you look at it, I hope it continues - and continues to reflect the interest and passions of our collective past & future built environment...

NMRA Train Show, Cincinnati Convention Center. (2005). 
Image source.

More images from the 2005 NMRA Train Show in Cincinnati (source):

Inside the CUT (see the exterior here).
Check out the similarities to this postcard (source: Cincinnati Views).

Behind the CUT (another good shot here).
Referencing this memorable image (or maybe this one).

The iconic barnside ad. 
For reference, see this photo (sans elevated train).

• Note: If interested in more miniature versions of the city, check out my "City to Scale" series, or visit one of the many local miniature establishments (here, here, etc.).

• Another interesting local LEGO link here.

• Visit the local Cincinnati Bricks LEGO reseller here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New for '87!

Kings Island brochure (1987).
Source: Kings Island Central.

With all the marketing and praise that the new Diamondback is getting, let's not forget one of the earliest of the KI whiplash stalwarts: The Vortex.

My friends and I would ride this thing over and over, no matter the wait time - just get a cone for the queue and you're good to go. Not only was it cool to be able to see the old lines for the storied Bat (more info here, and pics here), but a great feature of this construction was the newfound sitelines of the Beast at the top of the first lifthill. Also, one of my favorite memories: Convincing my dad to go on it, once... and "never again!".

Vortex Commercial (1987).
Source: JMReid1220 @ YouTube

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kentucky: Blue Mood Land?

A couple of interesting maps with local inferences from National Geographic (click on the images to read the corresponding articles).

Geography of Despair.
Via National Geographic News.

Native Names.
Via National Geographic.