Monday, April 21, 2008

CPD in the National Spotlight... Again...

...though this time for their great sleuthing!

While driving back from Savannah, I was flipping through the limited stations available in the hills of Tennessee, and finally sat on NPR (at WKNO-FM 91.1) for a few minutes when I heard the news:

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I hadn't heard about this until catching it on the radio show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, but after researching the story a bit, it seems that it was the kind of weird news that almost every outlet in the nation picks up on.

And considering the negative bias that the national (and local) news has had toward the CPD (and the city in general), at least this one was semi-positive.

Peter Minges & Son Candy Store, West Court Street.
Source: Gary Landers, Cincinnati Enquirer (here).

With this newfound notoriety, maybe Minges will buck the trend of 'history' leaving for the suburbs by maintaining many more years downtown.

• Appropriate condolences here.

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