Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen

After very little deliberation, I've decided to halt this site indefinitely.

I've enjoyed posting here about my thoughts and reflections of Cincinnati, as well as being part of the local blogging community, but my time has become increasingly limited for activities such as this.

Several posts ago I listed a multitude of topics that I planned to explore, and had grand ideas of fulfilling them all within a short time frame (to the extent that they deserve), but the progression on these topics slowed with their respective problems. Currently, I have about 6 different articles started, but with them all, I've encountered rough spots that require travel, external research, scanning, editing... lots of time.

Overall, the necessities to complete well thought out, informative, and engaging articles, are unnecessary (and possibly detrimental) to the growth of my familial and professional life. I obviously have never had the intention of living-and-dying with this blog, and right now, every minute counts.

I'll leave this site up for awhile with the hope that I might be able to return to it, but for now, consider it vacant. That being said, if anyone should care to comment on past articles, or send me a personal email, I'll surely respond.
Additionally, I'll still be occasionally perusing through (and possibly commenting on) your sites as well.

I appreciate those who have added me to their blogroll, and those who have commented on posts, but don't consider this a total loss unless you come back one day and see that the site no longer exists.

To everyone who contributes to the positivity and progress of Cincinnati:
Keep up the good work!


valereee said...

Hey, every blogger needs the occasional hiatus! Consider it that. You might be surprised how interested you are in posting once you've decided it's okay not to post any more.

VisuaLingual said...

I hope you'll find a way to continue. I've really appreciated your in-depth coverage of specific topics, though I can understand that the undertaking must be daunting when you're juggling more pressing things as well. But, I really hope this isn't the end!

Ward Jenkins said...

Good ness -- what movie is that from?

Hope you reconsider about the hiatus here. After living in Cincy for 2 1/2 years back in the late 80's, I do long for news from that town from time to time.

Matt said...

Okay, now that someone asked...

The video is a clip from the made-for-TV movie "Babe in Toyland" (1986). And yes, that's Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore. See the trailer below (and note how Drew stares at the 'cookie' jar):


I also thought this review of the movie was pretty funny:


I usually source everything I post here, but just thought it might be a little intriguing to leave this one ambiguous. It is a bit scary, isn't it? (I'm talking about the song, not Drew being thrown from the truck).

Matt said...

Thanks all - as long as I don't move out of town, I'm sure I'll continue; just need a breather.

Side note - I used to own a 1978 CJ-5 Jeep (on stilts, with mud tires), which sat really high, and everyone who rode in it was afraid they'd end up like Drew Barrymore.

Kevin LeMaster said...

Sorry to hear that you won't be blogging anymore! Please let us know if you start blogging again.