Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, I Believe in Yesterday...

In reference to the recent post, The City to Scale: Unbuilt Cincinnati, there was a comment/request to see a before-and-after presentation of the works that were discussed. This is a great idea, but I just don't have time for the extensive legwork involved - though fortunately, others have tackled this feat with amazing success...

Example 1

A post last year by Kevin Kidney at Dinosaurs and Robots show a great mashup of different eras:

Ghosts of Mt. Washington.
Click on the image to read the post, or
click here to view larger.

When I first glanced at the heading I thought he was somehow speaking of Anderson's neighbor, but not. Still, it's a great presentation, and one that I would try and duplicate if I were spending the time on this "before and after" concept.

Example 2

Check out author Robin Smith's & photographer Randall Lee Scheiber's: Ohio: Then and Now (2006). It has a great range of images from all over Ohio, and shows the effects of time on these specific locales in side-by-side comparison shots. In some ways it's really depressing (imo), but nevertheless, an interesting review of where we've been and an indicator of future trends.

Below is a small sampling of the Cincinnati-related content you'll find in the book (click on images to view larger)...

Cincinnati's Riverfront.

Union Terminal.
For more info, visit the series Topping Out.
Canal/Central Parkway.

Eden Park.
Which reminds me of the post, Lost & Found.

Additionally, the book has great coverage of my undergrad alma mater, Ohio University, and the surrounding Athens locale...

Court Street.

Alumni Gate.

The Ridges.
A related post on this one coming soon.

I found the Athens section particularly interesting because of my own research surrounding OU years ago. While attending college, whenever I had a couple of extra dimes in my pocket, I'd peruse old stores (e.g. Secondhand Rose) for vintage paraphernalia relating to the local history, and occasionally come up with gems like this:

Selections from the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog (1899-1900).
Compare those yearly rates to the 2009 catalog & fees!
Click images to enlarge.

Lindley Hall, Ohio University (undated).
Compare with today's Lindley Hall.
Click on image to enlarge.

Chubb Hall on College Green, Ohio University (undated).
Compare with today's Chubb Hall.
Click on image to enlarge.

Again, I may someday give this concept a whirl - especially depicting unrealized visions - but until then, give your attention to the great content that others painstakingly produce (at Queen City Discovery, Building Cincinnati, Queen City Survey, etc.).

• Preview more images from the book "Ohio: Then and Now" through Google Book Search, then read it in its entirety by purchasing it (preferably through a local seller).

• Additionally,
if you've never been, be sure to make a day or weekend trip to Athens sometime (pref in the Fall) - it's a historically-interesting town in the middle of the poorest county in Ohio (but arguably the most beautiful).

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