Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lost & Found

When rummaging through an old box recently, I ran across these prints that I completely forgot I owned. Actually, they're just copies on old card stock, but good images nonetheless - a couple which I haven't seen anywhere else (online). Unfortunately there wasn't any other information on them - no date, location, description - so any corresponding info is through research or reader contributions. If I labeled something incorrectly, or missed something altogether, please let me know.

As always, click on any image to enlarge.

Delta Queen, Ohio River (undated).

Island Queen at Coney Island, Ohio River (undated).
More info about the steamer here.

Island Queen with onlookers (undated).

Over-the-Rhine (undated).
Not sure where this is exactly, but it reminds me of looking south
on Race Street, with Washington Park on the right.

Mount Adams Incline (1938).
From the top of Mt. Adams, looking west over downtown, "...
this would have been 1938, as the viaduct (Columbia Pkwy) is under construction and nearing completion." (Source.)

Mt. Adams Incline (1908).
From downtown, looking east up at Rookwood Pottery.

Tyler Davidson Fountain (undated). 
Looking east on 5th Street, at the back of the fountain 
(toward Cincinnati's European immigrants' homeland).
More info about the fountain's placement here.

Tyler Davidson Fountain (undated).
Looking west on 5th Street, at the front of the fountain.

Freeman Avenue Streetcar line + Fairview Incline (1898).
Looking north, with the canal at the end of the street
(now Central Parkway) and the Incline in the distance.

Miami & Erie Canal (undated).
Now Central Parkway with abandoned subway tunnels below.
Crowds at Eden Park (undated).
Specifically, a band concert at the promenade
on Fulton Avenue (at the park entrance).
Info source [scroll to the bottom of that page
for more pics of the event].


Dave said...


Anonymous said...

^ Dave took the words right out of my mouth -- incredible photos.

steamboatmary said...

Thanks for posting the steamboat pics--as a former employee of the Delta Queen, I can't ever get enough!

Matt said...

Thanks for the responses - I'll post more images when I can.

NOTE: Upon a closer inspection of the photos, there a couple of other things you might want to check out...
- The first Mt.Adams Incline pic shows the Columbia Parkway bridge being constructed.
- The first fountain pic shows a Zoo-line 'trolley' on the right, and a magnificent hippodrome (theater) on the left - if anyone knows which theater this is, let me know.
- Lastly, the Freeman Avenue pic - a street that I've rarely seen other pictures of - shows stables on the right and the Brighton Hotel in the center.

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I wish our city still had inclines. Hills are annoying to walk up, and I'll bet those inclines came by more frequently than the bus does now.

BTW, I added you to my blogroll at http://oddcincy.wordpress.com/ .

Randy Simes said...

These are really great, thanks for sharing.