Friday, May 29, 2009

Rebuilding Cincinnati, One Brick at a Time

Like Mark & Mike, Maya, and many others, I'm a huge fan of LEGOs, and always will be - I still occasionally snag a new set, and my wife usually has to pry my hands from the kid's section whenever we go to Target.  Thus, I nearly jumped out of my chair upon reading today's post on Accidental Mysteries: 

Imagine the possibilities for OTR!
Via Accidental Mysteries & Jan Vormann.
Also check out Visualingual's earlier post on the subject.

The rebirth of Cincinnati's "skyline" could now become a full-scale reality...

LEGO Skyline.
Via Citykin & Visualingual.
...built from bricks from our very own LEGO branch:

The new Cincinnati LEGO Store.
Scooped by a great post at Citykin.

 It's obvious that this infatuation with Automatic Binding Bricks will not soon die - internationally or locally. Is this due to tangible characteristics held solely by the brand, our inherent constructivist nature, or something else? Any way you look at it, I hope it continues - and continues to reflect the interest and passions of our collective past & future built environment...

NMRA Train Show, Cincinnati Convention Center. (2005). 
Image source.

More images from the 2005 NMRA Train Show in Cincinnati (source):

Inside the CUT (see the exterior here).
Check out the similarities to this postcard (source: Cincinnati Views).

Behind the CUT (another good shot here).
Referencing this memorable image (or maybe this one).

The iconic barnside ad. 
For reference, see this photo (sans elevated train).

• Note: If interested in more miniature versions of the city, check out my "City to Scale" series, or visit one of the many local miniature establishments (here, here, etc.).

• Another interesting local LEGO link here.

• Visit the local Cincinnati Bricks LEGO reseller here.


VisuaLingual said...

Awesome! This weekend, I was actually planning to post an update to my Jan Vormann post from a few months back, but I think you just stole my thunder.

Matt said...

Damn, sorry about that, Maya! I'm updating my post to ref. that now...

By the way, no thunder stolen - nobody reads this blog. :)

CityKin said...

I agree with the guy you linked-to that said that anything you experienced at age 11 stays with you for a lifetime. Legos are right at that age group.

And as you say, there is an innate desire to build. It is amazing to see this forming in my kids, and I remember how strong a desire I had to build a treehouse or a fort.