Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Eden Park Art Academy

 Registration Receipt, Art Academy of Cincinnati [9/24/1928].
From my Great Uncle Jack's time at school.

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After skimming over some updates regarding CAM's temporarily-shelved plans for expansion (described in
Maya's post last year) last night, I was reminded about the horror-that-almost-was (+ & +) for the old Art Academy building under Rub. Thankfully, the recession hit (+) and CAM got a new Director (+), which means new life for the building.

CAM Expansion Plans (concept model) [2007].
More info on this project here (+).
Image source: Visualingual.

CAM & Art Academy [1928].

I'm obviously not thankful that the recession in general hit (except for the drop in lofty home prices), but thinking about another stalwart of Cincinnati's skyline being torn down always stings a little - not only because I'm an obvious proponent of Cincinnati history, historical structures as related to Cincinnati's noteriety, and the preservation of them both, but because of my personal ties to them (i.e. the spotlight pic).

Coming soon: A glimpse into the Ross Family Tree.

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VisuaLingual said...

What?!? You can't leave!

Matt said...

Not quite yet, but soon, Maya... soon...

VisuaLingual said...

As long as it's after the Summer Celebration on June 20th. You have to come to that!