Friday, May 22, 2009

New for '87!

Kings Island brochure (1987).
Source: Kings Island Central.

With all the marketing and praise that the new Diamondback is getting, let's not forget one of the earliest of the KI whiplash stalwarts: The Vortex.

My friends and I would ride this thing over and over, no matter the wait time - just get a cone for the queue and you're good to go. Not only was it cool to be able to see the old lines for the storied Bat (more info here, and pics here), but a great feature of this construction was the newfound sitelines of the Beast at the top of the first lifthill. Also, one of my favorite memories: Convincing my dad to go on it, once... and "never again!".

Vortex Commercial (1987).
Source: JMReid1220 @ YouTube

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