Friday, January 16, 2009

The Reds Land Clooney

My wife is a big fan of The Ellen DeGeneres' Show, and I've been notified of Ellen's recent unsuccessful attempts to lure George Clooney as a guest. After several tries, she finally called on some old Reds legends to drag him to the set. My wife thought Skyline would've done the trick nicely, but as things stand now, it'll just be Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan. Info here on the festivities, Monday, January 16th.

Speaking of Bench...
I recently ran across an excellent site on the glory days of malls past: Malls of America. Here you can find great coverage of the great suburban behemoths nationwide, including Cincinnati's, such as: Antiquated layouts of Tri-County Mall, several Jim Borgman mall commentaries, and - here's the tie-in - Johnny Bench's Home Plate Restaurant at Northgate Mall. What a find.

Image Source: Cincinnati Views.

Remember, you can catch the Big Red Machiners on Ellen, 11/16, 10am on ABC  9. 

• Additionally, feel free to meander through an old related post on nostalgia for my local mall.


Anonymous said...

I do not watch the show but I know the Big Red Machine. Bench and Joe Morgan (Morgan,you know the guy who played second base for them and won two MVP trophies also does color for Sunday night baseball.) were supposed to be on the show. Your post said Bench and Foster.

Does not really matter to me, possibly Foster did replace Morgan. My wife and I know both Bench and Morgan.

Matt said...

Thanks for the catch, Anonymous. I can't believe I made that mistake, seeing that I'm a fan of Morgan's baseball and post-baseball careers. I did the research correctly, just typed it up too quickly I guess. I made the adjustment to the post. Thanks for reading!