Friday, December 12, 2008

Briol's Vine Street

Vine Street, Downtown Cincinnati (undated).
Photo by Paul Briol (1889-1969).

Source: The Photography of Paul Briol: A Centennial Tribute.

Another interesting photo from a landmark Cincinnati artist, probably from the early 1920s.

This is looking south on Vine, standing between 5th & 6th Street (then Opera Street), showcasing statured architecture from an early pre-Carew Tower era.

Just for reference, the still-standing Union Central Life building is in the background, then the original Carew Building is the one with the clock tower
(at the southwest corner of Fifth & Vine, before they razed the block for the massive Carew Tower complex). The next closest is Rollman's department store (on the northwest corner of Fifth & Vine, the lighter-colored building with the arches), and in the immediate foreground is the old Hotel Havlin.

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