Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cincinnati Weather Forecast Accurate!

People thought it was strange that I missed the northern winters when we lived in Savannah, but I thought it was strange that the locals would wear winter coats in 60-degree weather. Now look us... we get hit with a blizzard only three months back in town.

While we didn't get the 20 inches that Columbus got hit with, we received our fair share - about a foot; more than enough to validate the Level 3 Snow Emergency declared by the city. I only wish our son was old enough to take part in the festivities.

Fields behind Loveland High School, Loveland, Ohio [3/9/8].
Looking west from the back door of our temporary hibernation point,
wishing we were downtown.

Speaking of festivities, this site is great for locating the storied snowhills of Cincinnati. If I was the kid I once was, I'd be heading down to the two "Black Diamonds" behind Sherwood Elementary in Anderson... my old stomping ground.

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