Friday, March 7, 2008

Baum Street Association

After further research of the last post [see Inclined to Disagree], I found an old postcard that depicted a few Baum Street residences, the foundations of which were incorporated into one of my photographs of the Incline. Mystery solved.

"Mount Adams Incline Plane", Baum Street [undated].
If you look near the center of the picture (left of the large tree), you'll notice a small doorway, presumably leading to the basement of that residence. Steps to the front door were to the left of the wall (which you can also see in the photo below).
Image source: GCMP.

Baum Street foundations, Mount Adams [3/3/8].
The doorway
(commented on in the last post) was associated with house shown in the above postcard. Similar to today's Mt. Adams building tradition, there were once houses shoulder-to-shoulder here. Behind my car (silver, left), you can see the wall that's pictured in the west-most house in the postcard, and on the very right are the Incline supports.

Interesting to see the effect that time has on specific locations. Additional photos of the foundations (shot March 3, 2008):

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