Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Station

No, not TBS, or WGN...
The Cincinnati Union Terminal railway station - aka The Hall of Justice!

"Super Friends" intro shot (2nd season).

There has been a lot speculation over the relationship between these cultural icons, with various other sites dedicated to it - from theory, to history, to models and figurines. No one can deny the resemblance of Hanna Barbera's Super Friends structure with ours...

 Hall of Justice v. Cincinnati Union Terminal (exterior).

Hall of Justice v. Cincinnati Union Terminal (interior).

This may seem unimportant, but it was 100% relevant to my Saturday mornings as a kid in Cincy. Still, I should note that not only did I not readily associate the Hall of Justice with the Union Terminal.  All I knew was that Marvin annoyed me.

"Super Friends" intro [1st season - 1973].

Anyway, we all know about the Terminal's purpose and overall significance (including this cultural fame), but I'll hopefully be adding some interesting new insights after attending the "High Steel Tour" at the end of the month (through the Cincinnati Museum Center's Heritage Program). As reported by the Enquirer, "It's a strenuous tour high above the Rotunda in the steel supporting the half-dome. You'll climb more than 200 steps as well as ladders, the lighting's dim, spaces tight, tour guides don't permit cameras or other carried items and they recommend comfortable shoes." Should be interesting.

If you weren't already aware, 2008 marks the building's 75th Anniversary, and the Museum is hosting events through the first half of the year. Better sign up fast, because the seats seem to fill quickly (I missed out on an earlier event, even when calling a month ahead). Info here.

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Update: Speculation has turned to fact that the illustrator Al Gmuer did indeed model the Hall of Justice fortress after the CUT. (Source).

Update: More info at (as seen on Boing Boing).

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