Friday, June 15, 2012

Blue Skies Ahead

Another new series coming soon to the site: Blue Sky Cincinnati.

A workshop dedicated to the fantastical visions of what the local environment could've been and could still be.  A harbinger of those great, lost, unrealized ideas of the past, and a promising template for the city's future.

Granted, these concepts will ignore the sky-high costs and critical public opinion probably associated with them, but hopefully will at least be some fun reading.  The projects will be explored through various media - "sketches, concept art, models, and macquettes" - with all concept development and artwork completed in-house.

• Concept for this series (+ quote above) courtesy Disneyland's Blue Sky Cellar.

• Top image: skies above Mariemont High School stadium (5/14/11, 7:45p).

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