Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Around Town

Here are a couple of recently-written, local articles that are just outstanding (in my opinion) - check 'em out:

History: Queen City Discovery recently posted a great writeup on local, shuttered theaters. At first when seeing the headline, I thought it might be revisiting Allen J. Singer's content in Stepping Out in Cincinnati, but no - not right off the bat. After reliving some of memories of non-stadium-style seating, you're hit with a firsthand account of an OTR relic that shouldn't be missed - read it here.

QCD's excellent research and on-site reporting of the usually-forgotten local, built environment has made it top-fare in my blogroll. Here and here are a couple of my other favorites that demand attention.

Preservation: In related news, Kevin LeMaster (of the inveritable Building Cincinnati blog, who also writes for Soapbox Cincinnati), recently posted a great writeup on the Emery too - view it here - but, the focus for this post is on Soapbox in general. I've overlooked the site for far too long, but after seeing the recent posts by Kevin, and this incredible post by Casey Coston, no more.

Art: I haven't seen a lot of Brett Harper's work, but what I have seen, I really, really like - he is, of course, the son of Charley and Edie. A recent Fabulous Frames & Art post on Brett's work here.

There are a ton of other great daily posts and blurbs by other local sites (listed in the sidebar). Note: This post was developed in the tradition of Visualingual's interesting, weekly Elsewhere posts.


VisuaLingual said...

The write-up on Cosmopolitan Hall is awesome; I love the photos of the interior. And, I second the Brett love -- he's definitely in his parents' shadow [as Edie is in Charley's], but has his own talents, which deserve attention. I don't think he practices anymore, which is a real shame

Anonymous said...

Glad you've discovered Soapbox. I did an old Soapdish column on the Emery back in late October of last year. Can be found under features if'n yer interested.


Kevin LeMaster said...

I second what Casey said. Thanks for the shout out.