Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ivory July

Upon visiting family in Fort Thomas earlier this month, I had to stop by a small strip mall in Newport to pick up some cards. Good thing I did, too, since it was a reminder of this little-known national holiday:

Noting the importance of the month, I'm surprised how few people were actually there - especially with the expanded offerings that the Newport Shopping Plaza has to offer:

Ah, Kentucky... Unbridled Spirit!

Note: I've been granted privileges to inflict tough love on the seemingly shallow business endeavors, dated lifestyles, and eroding structures of northern Kentucky, due to the fact that generations of my family grew from bluegrass. Someday I'll elaborate.

• As an aside, the post title refers to (of course) P&G's famous Ivory bar. Upon researching the the soap for an earlier edit of this article, I ran across an interesting piece of their history.

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VisuaLingual said...

Dust: A History of the Small and Invisible offers a fascinating look at issues of cleanliness, domesticity, and health, and a lot of the book deals with scientific advances and the attitudes surrounding them, which dovetails perfectly with the soap anecdote.